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Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.
is a motivational speaker, writer and humorist.

Владислав Вериго, aвтор нескольких романов и
сборников стихотворений
 и рассказов.   Link... 

Gregory James
is an immigration lawyer with over 20 years experience.

A n a l y t i c a l   P o r t a l
 Value-Oriented        Approach
 for Measurement & Evaluation        of Public Relations

 Based on human values and preferences which completely steer our lives and work as mental filters in perceiving reality   Link... 
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International TV Project
The international TV show "Wait for Me" deals with the search and reunion of people all over the world. These people have been separated by circumstances like wars, earthquakes, floods, revolutions, and love dramas... Link 

  Памятники природы и истории Южного Урала.  Озеро Тургояк, горный хребет Таганай, протогород Аркаим, Игнатиевская пещера и другие.       Link