President - Peter Tsykov (member of The Canadian Public Relations Society)
Psychodynamics is a new way of thinking about people that has three major
uses - marketing segmentation, matchmaking and self-understanding.
Psychodynamics is completely different from either segmentation by
demographics or by psychographics since those systems both contain and rely
upon census demographics variables (gender, age, income, education, etc.).
The Psychodynamics system uses only values variables and contains no
demographic variables whatsoever.
Many human relations experts believe that shared values are the single most
important factor in determining whether two people are going to get along
well with each other.
Psychodynamics is about motivational forces acting especially at the unconscious
level and about explanation or interpretation (as of behavior or of mental states)
in terms of mental or emotional forces or processes.
J. Tyler. 2015. Psychodynamics: Beyond Demographics and Psychographics.
New York, NY: KBPublishing House
Attempt to describe American populace in the context of shared: values,
convictions, ideas, morals, attitudes, beliefs, motivations, and mental states.
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