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1 1 Toronto City Hall Messages published by Toronto City Hall press-office. 3 Delete  
2 1.1 Living in Toronto Provides information about City Services Toronto history, City Hall structure, community life; Maps, traffic, TTC, walk and trip in Toronto; Event 3 Delete  
3 1.1.1 City Services City services help you live, work, visit and play. Front line staff deliver services from more than 2,600 locations throughout the city. If you 103 Delete  
4 311 Toronto 1 Delete  
5 A-Z services index 0 Delete  
6 Animal Services Toronto Animal Services promotes the health and safety of people, pets and animals living together in Toronto communities. 30 Delete  
7 Apartment Standards Provides information related to by-law enforcement activity within the City of Toronto of the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division (ML&S) 1 Delete  
8 Birth Registration You can use the province’s Newborn Registration Service, by linking to “How to register a birth in Ontario” at 0 Delete  
9 Building permits Building Permit is your formal permission from the City of Toronto to begin construction, demolition, addition or renovation on your property. 0 Delete  
10 Child Care Provides search within more than 900 licensed child care centres and through 21 licensed home child care agencies working with over 2,000 appro 15 Delete  
11 Children Services Proivide plan information about operating policies, strategic directions and service priorities for the next five years. The Service Plan is par 10 Delete  
12 City planning Provides informatoin about current projects, policies, key links. City Planning works with communities to make Toronto a green, liveable city t 139 Delete  
13 Court Services Provides the facilities which houses administrative services to the public at our counters and court clerks to support the operation of 30 cour 5 Delete  
14 Culture City of Toronto plays a vital role in the cultural life of the city, committed to the development of arts and culture by undertaking a range of 72 Delete  
15 Emergency info When police, fire, or medical emergencies occur, call 9-1-1. Trained emergency call takers will provide you with the information and assistance 44 Delete  
16 Ambulance When somebody calls 911 for a medical emergency, Toronto Emergency Medical Services paramedics assess, treat, and transport the patient to a ho 43 Delete  
17 Fire Services Toronto governed emergency service 99 Delete  
18 Police Ontario governed emergency service 19 Delete  
19 Environment Provides the Environment portal with a summary of the City's environmental projects, programs and policies compiled for your convenience. 19 Delete  
20 Events Provides the FUN Guide with a huge variety of recreation programs for you and your family Along with information about Toronto's museums, parks, 626 Delete  
21 Garbage and recycling Provides all information you need about Solid Waste Management. 9 Delete  
22 Health Provide you gateway to health information about Toronto Public Health services and programs, Emergency Medical Services and the activities and 77 Delete  
23 Hydro (Toronto Hydro) Toronto Hydro–Electric System Limited is the regulated "wires" affiliate of Toronto Hydro Corporation and is one of the largest municipal elect 9 Delete  
24 Immigration and settlement The City of Toronto Immigration & Settlement Portal represents our goal to help new and future immigrants learn more about the services and sol 26 Delete  
25 Libraries 4 Delete  
26 Licences Joint service counter at Toronto City Hall proivdes the Registry Services area at City Hall offers services from the federal and provincial gov 0 Delete  
27 Long-term care homes Provides Long-Term Care Homes and Services (previously: Toronto Homes for the Aged) responding to the needs of individuals requiring long-term 10 Delete  
28 Parking Provides 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week on-line service to obtain and purchase a temporary parking permit for residents and their visitors. 21 Delete  
29 Parks Offers swimming, leisure skating, shinny hockey, skiing, and snowboarding, as well as opportunities to visit the animals at Riverdale Farm and 33 Delete  
30 Pet adoption Provides information about the current animals available and all details for adoption process. 9 Delete  
31 Provincial Offences Act fine payments Provincial offences are minor (non-criminal) offences that include, but are not limited to: speeding, careless driving, or not wearing your sea 0 Delete  
32 Recreation programs Programs and activities provided by Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation within GTA. 76 Delete  
33 Restaurant inspections (DineSafe) The Dinesafe Web site is designed to provide information to the public concerning the Toronto Public He 5 Delete  
34 Roads (Transportation) 197 Delete  
35 Sewer and drains 0 Delete  
36 Shelter and housing 79 Delete  
37 Employment & Social Services 9 Delete  
38 Trees (Urban Forestry) 7 Delete  
39 Water 14 Delete  
40 See also 0 Delete  
41 Family Portal 4 Delete  
42 Online Services portal 2 Delete  
43 Seniors' Portal 12 Delete  
44 1.1.2 Your City The City of Toronto offers many programs and services to help businesses and Torontonians - especially seniors, youth and people looking for wo 2 Delete  
45 Archives 0 Delete  
46 Auditor General 0 Delete  
47 Awards 68 Delete  
48 Community safety 56 Delete  
49 Demographics 3 Delete  
50 Diversity 11 Delete  
51 Elections 32 Delete  
52 Employment opportunities 7 Delete  
53 Fraud & Waste Hotline 1 Delete  
54 Get involved 0 Delete  
55 Grants 1 Delete  
56 Heritage preservation 8 Delete  
57 Human Rights Office 7 Delete  
58 Maps (interactive) На странице представляется подробная карта с учётом многих деталей, включая расположение пешеходных дорожек в 1 Delete  
59 Municipal Code/bylaws 3 Delete  
60 Neighborhood profiles 0 Delete  
61 News releases 0 Delete  
62 Property tax 16 Delete  
63 Toronto facts 2 Delete  
64 Toronto history 29 Delete  
65 Toronto images 0 Delete  
66 Toronto links 0 Delete  
67 Wards and Councillors 12 Delete  
68 1.1.3 Getting Around 0 Delete  
69 Cycling На странице представляются подробные карты велосипедных дорожек, позволяющих спланировать поездку. Здесь можн 2 Delete  
70 Go Transit 3 Delete  
71 Maps (interactive) 1 Delete  
72 Parking 19 Delete  
73 PATH - downtown walkway 0 Delete  
74 Road restrictions 228 Delete  
75 Traffic camers 5 Delete  
76 Transportation Services 27 Delete  
77 Toronto Island Ferry 1 Delete  
78 Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) 41 Delete  
79 Toronto's location 0 Delete  
80 1.1.4 Things To Do 0 Delete  
81 Attraction highlights 0 Delete  
82 Culture 70 Delete  
83 City-run art centres 0 Delete  
84 City-run museums 4 Delete  
85 Culture calendar 0 Delete  
86 Culture camps 0 Delete  
87 Get involved 0 Delete  
88 Meeting schedules 22 Delete  
89 Outdoor/community event calendars 6 Delete  
90 Parks & Recreation 88 Delete  
91 Discovery walks 0 Delete  
92 Parks & Trail map 2 Delete  
93 Sports and activities 51 Delete  
94 Summer camps 5 Delete  
95 Toronto FUN guide (online registration) 0 Delete  
96 Special Events Toronto Special Events is a full service Section of the City of Toronto's Economic Development & Culture division. With a mandate to develop an 364 Delete  
97 Be a volunteer 8 Delete  
98 Toronto links 0 Delete  
99 Events and performance guides 5 Delete  
100 Live With Culture 13 Delete  
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